Today we started learning how to execute the barbell deadlift off the rack. We won’t move the bar to the floor for at least another 6 weeks. I’ve found over the years that this progression tends to help my students build confidence in the the lift before moving to the ground.

So today we started with 5 sets of 5 reps and they were encouraged to use a weight that they could do 5 reps easily with no risk of failure.

After working on the deadlift I then gave them a training session to practice a lot of the movements we have been through the past 6 weeks, as seen below:

  • 3 Reps – Barbell Deadlift – modified from rack
  • 3 Reps – Pull-Up
  • 5 Reps – KB Goblet Squat
  • 10 Reps – Hanging Knee Raise/Toe Touch
  • 5 Reps – KB Swing
  • 3/3 Reps – PBar Push-Up to “T”

Once that was finished we cleaned up and then gave the kids a chance to practice doing hand-stands for 10-15 minutes: