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Tomorrow I begin a year long journey to becoming a better coach through the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coaching Master Class. I am also beginning to prepare myself physically for re-certification as a StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor which will commence in March 2017. These two things combined with an impending job change are sure to test me in many ways.

I’m not to worried because as long as I can maintain the proper growth mindset I should manage it all well.

This is what I am planning to get out of each one:

PNL2 Master Coach Class:

  • Apprentice with Precision Nutrition to become a world-class nutrition and fitness coach.
  • Get 12 months of daily lessons, building my skills while solving real client problems with oversight from the Precision Nutrition team.
  • Get hands-on practice applying their best coaching tools, techniques, and technologies.
  • Get personalized help and guidance, to push myself and become the best coach possible.
  • Get access to tracking and assessment tools so I can grow consistently and remain accountable.
  • Feel 100% confident in my ability to get results with every client I work with.

StrongFirst SFG1

I’ve been certified as SFG1 and RKC 1 since 2012 and in that time I feel my abilities to coach not only kettlebell techniques but strength movements in general has improved immensely and that is directly related to this course. Being able to perform a movement is one thing but being able to teach someone else can be an entirely different animal. While this course is geared to teaching the main kettlebell movements, the teaching techniques learned here are easily transferred to their barbell counterparts. To me this is the best hands on exercise instruction course aspiring coaches and trainers can attend. Some of the things I will be refreshed on are:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Tension techniques
  • Proper Squatting and pressing techniques
  • How to progress the movements from easy to advanced
  • Programming principles

Strong First SFG1 Certification course

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